The MISC Lab

The Motivation, Individual Differences, and Stereotypes in Cognition Lab (MISC Lab) is a psychology research lab directed by Dr. Lisa Grimm at The College of New Jersey. The focus of the lab’s work is to improve our understanding of how cognitive representations and processes are influenced by motivation, stereotype threat, individual differences, and a variety of other topics.  Like all research labs at TCNJ, the MISC Lab is heavily geared towards undergraduate research opportunities and is open to new applicants from semester to semester.

Students are valued members of the research team and their unique set of academic interests and perspectives is an asset to the research process.  Student interest is a large research driver and projects are tailored to incorporate student ideas with on-going lab research.  The lab is designed to foster student growth and the members are a cohesive team.

We strongly believe in the integration of intellectual pursuits and having fun.  Recently, the lab has been investigating the use of video game training to improve cognitive skills and how exercise environments can be created to maximize health benefits, and started a new line of research on the psychology of magic.