Joining The Team

Joining The MISC Lab is a great opportunity to gain valuable research experience and collaborate with fellow students who share your scholarly interests.

Initial participation in the lab typically counts as PSY 390 (Collaborative Research: Lab Learning). In following semesters, students may have the opportunity to work on their own research projects in the lab as part of PSY 492 to complete a senior capstone project. Anyone interested in working on a 400-level class in the lab must have completed PSY 390 beforehand.

How To Apply

Anyone interested in joining the lab must complete the common lab application for the Psychology Department in Qualtrics:

Please also contact Dr. Grimm in person (her office is in Green Hall, Room 212) or via email to

Applicants may be asked to meet with Dr. Grimm for an interview upon completion of the application.  They also may be asked to speak with the current members of the lab.

Final decisions will be made prior to registration for the following semester.